Warp drive
Wormhole travel as envisioned by Les Bossinas for NASA-1-
A spaceship at warpspeed
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Type Space travel
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When warp drives are first invented, they will only be able to travel at the speed of light, meaning that they were only useful for inter-system travel (unless you have time to spare - lots of time), and so were not used by the general public on their release. However improvements could increase it's velocity and popularity tenfold.

These were eventually replaced with worm drives.

Classes Edit

Warp drives are classed based on their use and speed.

  • Class 0: This designation is sometimes used for lab prototypes.
  • Class I: Generally used for inner-system travel.
  • Class II: Used for outer-system travel
  • Class III: Used for fast outer-system travel
  • Class IIII: Distant solar system travel
  • Class V: Fast distant solar system travel
  • Class VI: Close-range intersteller travel
  • Class VII: Travel to the nearest stars
  • Class VIII: Travel through the solar neibourhood
  • Class VIIII: Travel within the orion arm
  • Class X: Travel across the galaxy (Star wars hyperdrives are this class)
  • Class XI: Close-range intergalactic travel
  • Class XII: Travel to the local galaxies
  • Class XIII: Travel across the virgo supercluster
  • Class XIIII: Travel to nearby superclusters
  • Class XV: Travel across the entire universe